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Reports and Publications:

The Basin Water Board will collect, compile and analyse information on the implementation of various development interventions from the implementers of the Business Plan.

The information will be processed so as to compare the various benchmarks with actual implementation of the interventions.

The processed information will be put into reports by the BWB and distributed to all stakeholders including the donor partners through MoWI

The Basin has 27 hydrometric and 8 meteorological Stations for surface water data collection and water resources assessment.

Lake Rukwa Basin Facts:

Coverage: Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, small parts of Tabora and Singida
Total Area:
88,000 km2.:
25C to 30C.:
Annual mean rainfall:
2.5 million:


Links to our Reports and Publications

Below are some of the reports with regards to the Lake Rukwa Basin Water Basin that have been submitted and can be downloaded from the links below.

More reports and publications will be made available on this page in the coming days..

Our Management

The basin managed by the Basin Water Board (BWB) with assistance from Basin Water Officer (BWO) who is the Secretary of the Board.

For the basin to be fully operational/autonomy, four departments have been formed to exercise different functions and responsibilities.

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