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Policy and Laws.

The law that governs the management of water in the aspects of utilisation in the country can be traced way back during the colonial rule; under the German and the British rule. The last Ordinance before independence was No. 3 of 1959, which was repealed by the Act no. 42 of 1974 Water Utilisation (Control and Regulation) and its subsequent amendments Act No. 10 of 1981, Act No. 17 of 1989 and Act No. 8 of 1997.

The amendment Act No. 10 of 1981 introduced the concept of managing water resources based on hydrological units called river/lake basins. These are river systems which comprise of surface and groundwater systems. For the purpose of administration, two or more river basins may be joined to form a water basin. Based on section 7(1) of this amendment, the Minister responsible for Water Affairs declared nine basins in 1981. The basins are Pangani, Wami-Ruvu, Rufiji, Ruvuma and Southern Coasts, Lake Nyasa, Internal Drainage, Lake Rukwa, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria. It is easy to integrate land use and water issues, including upstream and downstream uses in the river system as regards to quantity and quality of water.

Lake Rukwa Basin started operations in May 2004. The Basin Headquarter Office is in Mbeya Municipality and there is a Sub Office in Sumbawanga Municipality. The Basin is at an infancy stage and it will take time to have all the activities fully operational. The Basin is managed by a Board whose Secretary is the head of the daily activities of the Board. The vision of the Board is to have a well-managed basin with improved standard of living for its people through sustainable utilization of water resources. The mission of the Basin is to facilitate efficiently and effectively the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in order to address the resource needs, interests and priorities of the Basin population while protecting and conserving the water resources. The Basin staff are guided by core values of accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, promptness, responsiveness and transparence in delivering the mandated services to all of the people.

  • Water Resources Management Act 2009
  • National Water Sector Development Strategy
  • National Water Policy
  • National Climate Change Strategy
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    Lake Rukwa Basin Facts:

    Coverage: Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, small parts of Taboraand Singida
    Total Area:
    88,000 km2.:
    25C to 30C.:
    Annual mean rainfall:
    2.2 million:



    Did You Know?

    Water is important economicaly, socialy, and environmentaly.

    When water usage exceeds the capacity of the water sources,it leads to tragic water loss.

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