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General objective of the Basin

The broad objective of LRBWB is to ensure a sustainable availability of safe water resources in the Basin through stakeholders’ involvement using strategies laid down under Tanzania Development Vision 2025, MDGs and MKUKUTA.

The main objective of LRBWB is to develop equitable, optimum, integrated and sustainable water resources by developing sound water Resources Management and Development through strengthening water resources plan framework, promoting good governance of the Resource by empowering water users, encouraging participation and transparent decision making, developing water-ship to user level grant up source water rights.

The specific Objectives

In order to perform effectively and efficiently, the roles of the Basin have formulated specific objectives to be covered within five (5) years tenure which lined within the obligations given to the Basin as specified in the MoU and its functions regarding WRMA 2009. Strategies to meet the objectives, development plans, financial needs and options are analyzed below:

To achieve the objectives, the following assumptions were made:-

    1. Business plan is based on the activities as stipulated in WRMA and memorandum of   understanding (MoU).
    2.  Infrastructure Investment to offset water stress will only be considered after preparation of IWRM plans.
    3. The cost or benefit of Business plan will be reviewed based on the outcome of financial study. The financial study will give out value of water, financing needs and financing options.
    4. The tentative time frame for Business plan will be five years.
    5. The basin will acquire both Administrative and Financial autonomous after a certain period of time.
    6. Steady fund flows as per plan.
    7. The current water tariffs will be reviewed to reflect the true value of water.


Lake Rukwa Basin Facts:

Coverage: Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, small parts of Tabora and Singida
Total Area:
88,000 km2.:
25C to 30C.:
Annual mean rainfall:
2.2 million:



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