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About Lake Rukwa Basin Water Board:

The Lake Rukwa Water Basin was established in May, 2004 by the previous Water Utilisation (Control and Regulation) Act no. 42 of 1974 and its subsequent amendments Act No. 10 of 1981, Act No. 17 of 1989 and Act No. 8 of 1997. The Basin is an entity of government under the Ministry responsible for water, mandated to manage (protect, develop and allocate) water resources within the basin as stipulated under Water Resources Management Act No. 11 of 2009.

Lake Rukwa Basin is a fairly large basin which comprises parts of the administrative regions of Mbeya, Rukwa, and small parts of Tabora. It is an internal drainage system comprising the lake with a surface area of 2,300 km2. The Basin borders Lake Tanganyika Basin to the West and North, Zambia country to the South, Lake Nyasa Basin to the South East and Rufiji River Basin to the East. The entire basin has an area of 88,000 km2 with a population of 2.2 million (2002 census) whereas 19% live in urban and 81% live in rural areas. The population is expected to double by the year 2025.

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Lake Rukwa Basin Facts:

Coverage: Mbeya, Rukwa,Katavi, small parts of Tabora and Singida
Total Area:
88,000 km2.:
25C to 30C.:
Annual mean rainfall:
2.5 million:


Institutional Structure

An institutional structure of the Basin has been established to provide for effective and efficient integrated water resources management and development, and which clearly identifies the roles and responsibilities of the relevant units and stakeholders at all level.

The Basin structure is as indicated in Figure below


The Basin is managed by a Board whose Secretary is the head of the daily activities of the Board. The vision of the Board is to have a well-managed basin with improved standard of living for its people through sustainable utilization of water resources. The mission of the Basin is to facilitate efficiently and effectively the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in order to address the resource needs, interests and priorities of the Basin population while protecting and conserving the water resources.


The Basin staff are guided by core values of accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, promptness, responsiveness and transparence in delivering the mandated services to all of the people.


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Reports and Publications

The processed information will be put into reports by the BWB and distributed to all stakeholders including the donor partners through MoWI

The information will be processed so as to compare the various benchmarks with actual implementation of the interventions.

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