Functions of Basin Water Board

The Ministry responsible for Water and LRBWB signed MoU to increase efficiency by consolidating and enhancing the technical and financial sustainability of operations of BWOs. Both parties agreed to cooperate, consistent with their respective mandates and missions, to work towards "enhanced water resources management capacities that minimize risk and vulnerability through the promotion of integrated water resources planning, development and management at all levels". The MoU intends to be an enabling framework for the Water Resources Management within the basin in order to achieve the efficient and harmonious implementation of activities in accordance with the Operational Guidelines, Financial Utilization Agreement, and the Programme Implementation Manual (PIM).

The obligations and functions have been clustered and summarized into the following main strategic objectives which are discussed in details below.

General objective of the Basin

The broad objective of LRBWB is to ensure a sustainable availability of safe water resources in the Basin through stakeholders’ involvement using strategies based on Tanzania Development Vision 2025, MDGs and MKUKUTA.

The main objective of LRBWB is to develop equitable, optimum, integrated and sustainable water resources by developing sound water Resources Management and Development through strengthening water resources plan framework, promoting good governance of the Resource by empowering water users, encouraging participation and transparent decision making, developing water-ship to user level grant up source water rights.

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