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Sections Job Descriptions:



Functions and Responsibilities

Basin Water Board

  • Supervise the day to day activities of the basin water office.
  • To approve the basin annual budget and action plan.
  • To approve water rights and water permits.
  • To advise the minister responsible for water affairs on different issues related to water resources.
  • To advise the basin water office on different issues related to the performance of the basin.


Basin Water Officer

  • To administer the day to day activities implementation of the basin.
  • To coordinate the basin’s activities.
  • The basin board secretary.
  • The basin accounting officer.
  • Water law custodian
  • To approve and sign on basin documents.


Water Resources Planning and Research

  • To coordinate sectoral and inter-sectoral water resources plans plans and integrate into national water development plan;
  • To coordinate and integrate water resources assessment.
  • To develop models and decision support systems.
  • To conduct and coordinate research.
  • To maintain Water Resources Information system.
  • To coordinate policy and strategic development and legislation review for water resources management.
  • To coordinate standards setting.


Water Resources Monitoring and Assessment


  • To design and manage both basin hydrological monitoring and groundwater monitoring networks.
  • To assess basin groundwater potential and surface water availability and use.
  • To develop guidelines and standards on hydrometeorological practices, groundwater exploitation and equipments.
  • To monitor and evaluate water well drilling and exploration.
  • To manage and periodically update the basin water resources database.
  • To provide forecasting and early warning of floods and drought.


Stakeholders Assessment and Awareness.


  • Facilitation of the establishment of water users entities
  • Organize and conduct training programmes
  • Mobilize the collection of water charges/fees.
  • To receive and process of water right applications.
  • To provide education to the communities on water pollution, rain water harvesting technology and on IWRM.
  • To organize all basin meetings.
  • To link the basin water officer and other water resources related organization which operate in the basin.


Water Resources Protection, Enforcement and Environment Department


  • To supervise and coordinate pollution control and monitoring;
  • To prepare guidelines for Water Allocation.
  • To monitor and enforce dam safety regulations;
  • To enforce regulations on groundwater resources exploitation and drilling.
  • To protect water resources of national importance.
  • To coordinate water related environmental issues.


Finance and Administration Department


  • Ensuring proper accounting and bookkeeping of daily operations.
  • Preparing and enforcing the monthly financial reports.
  • Ensuring accuracy, integrity of all transactions in the monthly financial and operational reports.
  • Preparation of annual Budget and projections.
  • Implementing Budget control.
  • Ensure fixed assets management.
  • Treasury management which includes cash flow management.
  • Signing cheques.


Internal Audit Department


  • Ensure reliability and integrity of financial and operational information.
  • Ensure that laws, regulations and contracts are in compliance.
  • Safeguarding of assets.
  • Effectiveness of Internal control system.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations of the organization.
  • Advise the management on the financial matters.


Lake Rukwa Basin Facts:

Coverage: Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, small parts of Tabora and Singida
Total Area:
88,000 km2.:
25C to 30C.:
Annual mean rainfall:
2.2 million:



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